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Garbage Disposal Repair in Port St. Lucie

Garbage disposals make life so much easier. Personally, we love how they provide a quick, clean, and effortless way to get rid of food particles, instead of filling up your kitchen's trash cans and stinking up your home.

When things start to go wrong with your disposal, however, it can be a nightmare. A loss of convenience isn't the only thing you should be worried about. As soon as those offensive odors of old food start to fill the air, you won't be able to call Benjamin Drew's Plumbing & Drain Service Inc. fast enough for garbage disposal repair in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

In addition to disposals, our plumbing and drain company is able to service your entire sink and faucet with repair or new installation. Our faucet repair service and sink repair service addresses and fix a variety of issues including those troublesome leaks under the sink.

Fast and Easy Garbage Disposal Installation

Unfortunately, garbage disposals see their fair share of problems far too frequently. Anything from faulty wiring to an engine blowout will render your disposal useless. In cases like these, a garbage disposal replacement or new installation is the way to go. Fortunately, we're the team to trust to take on this quick job for you in no time.

Best of all, new disposals on the market are affordable, energy efficient, and extraordinarily powerful. If you're using an old unit, the time has never been better to upgrade by hiring us for garbage disposal installation.

Garbage disposal repairs are for jams, clogs, and units that leak. You wouldn't believe the crazy things we've found at the bottom of the disposal unit to make it malfunction. Rest assured that no matter what is down there, we're able to  safely remove it.

If clogging is an issue throughout your home or office, not just with your garbage disposal, our drain clearing service is the ideal solution. We also offer a rooter service to clear all debris from your piping systems.

Garbage Disposal Repair In Port St. Lucie

Garbage Disposal Repair In Port St. Lucie

Warning: Garbage Disposal Repairs Can Be Dangerous

One thing we can't stress enough is to resist the urge of trying to fix your garbage disposal by yourself. Most importantly, never stick your hand inside your disposal. We've heard countless horror stories of people getting seriously injured by doing so.

Remember that there are razor-sharp blades equipped to spin at extremely high speeds at the bottom of that hole. Don't risk one of your digits when our experts are here to make the fix you need fast.

Update Your Kitchen with New Sink and Faucet 

Give your kitchen or bathrooms a complete makeover by having up-to-date sinks and faucets with installation, replacement, and repair services from our company. This is the perfect way to provide these areas of your home a modern look while also enhancing its functional appeal.

Benefits of Faucet and Sink Installation

New sink installation is an outstanding solution whether you're dealing with problematic leaks, cracks, or are ready for a fresh new look. Sink replacement is also ideal for anyone wanting a fresh, updated look in your kitchen or bathrooms.

Faucet installation can enhance the look and feel of your kitchen or bathrooms as a whole. Choose the brand and style and we'll take care of the faucet replacement for you. You'll love the sleek look and performance of the faucets that are currently on the market.

Contact us today and discover how we're able to help you get the most out of your sinks. We're offering disposal service, sink installation, and faucet replacement in Port St. Lucie, Palm City, Steuart, Jupiter, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.