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Pipe Repair in Port St. Lucie

When you've discovered a leaking, busted, or ruptured pipe either indoors or out, first run and turn off your main water supply, and then call Benjamin Drew's Plumbing & Drain Service Inc. for pipe repair in Port St. Lucie, Florida. When the water is flowing, act fast and rely on our more than 20 years of experience to find and fix the problem quickly.

Water leaks are the bane of property owners everywhere. What could start as a few small drops can quickly turn into a flood of water wreaking havoc on everything inside your home or place of business. Fortunately, our team is available 24/7 to identify, address, and correct all issues. We offer pipe repair service for:

•Broken Pipes
•Cracked Pipes
•Leaky Pipes
•Frozen Pipes
•Corroded Pipes
•Aging Systems
•Burst Pipes
& More

Leaky, broken, or ruptured pipes can cause serious interior damage, specifically to the ceiling, inside your walls, and on your floors. In some cases, costly damage can even occur outdoors to your homes foundation. The only way to mitigate the harmful effects caused by a leaky pipe is by reaching our experts for water pipe repair as soon as you notice an issue.

Comprehensive and Effective Pipe Repair 

We deal with these three main categories: broken pipe repair, leaky pipe repair, and burst pipe repair. While they may sound similar, each requires a different course of action. However, the result is always the same when you choose us: a fully functioning system that's able to move water properly and efficiently.

Broken Pipe Repair Can Catch You by Surprise

The presence of a broken pipe isn't always so obvious to property owners. Many of your pipes are underground. Therefore, the only way to tell if you need a burst line repair is after you notice a huge spike in your water bill.

Repairs to the Main Water Line

When the quality or availability of the water coming into your home or place of business is compromised, you may have an issue with the main water line. In this case, water line repair or replacement is the best route to take. Our expert plumbers will uncover the issue and present the ideal solution suited for your property.

Pipe Repair In Port St. Lucie

Avoid Damage and Broken Pipe Repair with on-Going Maintenance

The smartest way to avoid paying thousands in interior and exterior water damage due to leaking pipes is by opting for annual inspection and maintenance from our team of licensed plumbers. We'll make sure every pipe in your home is good to go for several years to come. In addition, our team will be right there to make the necessary repair should we uncover a potential problem.

Contact us the moment you notice any leakage. Rely on us to find the leaky culprit and determine which type of water pipe repair is required for your home or business in Port St. Lucie, Palm City, Steuart, Jupiter, and Palm Beach Gardens.