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Water Line Repair in Port St. Lucie

Your main water line plays an integral role in the functionality of your home or place of business. This piping that travels from under your sidewalk is what allows for the clean water from the city to enter areas such as showers and faucets.

The moment you notice issues with the availability or quality of the water coming into your property, it's urgent to call the experts at Benjamin Drew's Plumbing & Drain Service Inc. for water line repair in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Our team has the know-how, resources, and solutions to ensure you, family, guests, or employees have the water necessary to utilize even the most basic amenities.

Should your issue be with a pipe and not the main water line, we also offer pipe repair. We're able to fix any burst or leaky pipe anywhere.

Water Line Repair In Port St. Lucie

Water Line Replacement or Repair 

Leaks inside your home, or outside on the roadway or sidewalk are the telltale signs of a damaged and leaking water line. This damage is often attributed to tree debris or roots making their way into the pipe, as well as:

•Mineral Buildup and Residue
•High Water Pressure
•General Deterioration

For less severe damage, a water line repair should be all that is necessary. However, larger-scale damage may require a full water line replacement. No matter the course of action taken, our licensed plumbers work fast to correct any issue so you can get the water you need flowing back into your property in a timely manner.

Prompt and Reliable Sewer Line Repair

There's another line that plays just as important of a role as your main water line, if not more. We're talking about your sewage line. This is the line that carries all contaminants and waste to a disposal or treatment facility. Typically, issues with this system can spur from pipes that are:

• Broken

The results include toilets that are constantly backing up, to the dreaded overflow on your lawn. This not only affects you, but is equally a nightmare to your neighbors. Our professionals should promptly address any issues with fast sewer line repair.

Depending on the severity of the damage, a sewer line replacement may be necessary. When so, our company has the tools, knowledge, and resources to complete this job successfully the first time.

How We Gain Line Access

A backhoe may be used to gain access to an underground main water supply or sewer line. This is known as the "open cut" or "trench" methods.

However, trenchless options are available in many situations. As the name suggests, this method is much less invasive on your lawn compared to traditional trenching. Determining which method is best will be dependent on your unique property and situation.

 Consider issues with either your main water line or sewer line emergencies and call us immediately. And with our promise to not surcharge for overtime or weekend work, you'll feel good knowing you made the right call to the right company.

Contact us today and choose the team that works fast to fix your main water supply and sewer line. We're here for residents and businesses throughout Port St. Lucie, Palm City, Steuart, Jupiter, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.